About Ward 6 Community Choices


a community budget for Pollokshields, Shawlands & Strathbungo, Craigton and Dumbreck

People living in Glasgow’s Ward 6 areas can now take part in a community budgeting programme to decide how £200,000 of public money is spent in their area.

A Residents Panel is coming together to plan this process over Summer and Autumn 2019.

Pollokshields, Shawlands & Strathbungo, Craigton and Dumbreck are the Community Council areas within Ward 6, but the Ward covers areas next to these too.

Ward 6 Community Choices is open to all Ward 6 residents. For information about the ward and to check whether your area is included, find out more here:

Ward 6

What’s a community budget?

A community budget is a pot of money to be spent in a local area. The local community decides how to spend it.

Groups and organisations apply for funding through an application process that’s designed by local community members. Then a decision making process designed by local community members is used to say which applications are successful.

This way of working is sometimes known as participatory budgeting. You can find out more about how this works at the PB Scotland website, including practical examples from other areas. PB Scotland have also developed a 60 second guide to participatory budgeting.

Community budgeting creates a lot of potential for new ways of working.

In this case, Glasgow City Council is funding Ward 6 Community Choices so that local people can award money to local community groups.

How this happens is up to you!

ward 6 community choices residents panel

The Residents Panel’s Terms of Reference sets out its purpose, how it works and its main tasks.

They are responsible for designing the Ward 6 Community Choices process, for example:

·         Setting criteria for what type of projects the money could be spent on

·         Creating a funding application process for organisations who want to apply for money

·         Designing a voting process for local people to decide which of these applications should receive money

The Residents Panel have a lot of freedom and flexibility in how they do this. As the funders of Ward 6 Community Choices, Glasgow City Council have only a small number of requirements:

  • That the process is carried out in a lawful and valid way

  • That the process is fair and transparent

  • That organisations/individuals involved in decision making can demonstrate a link to Ward 6

  • That applicants for funds from the Community Budget must either be a constituted group, or be hosted by a constituted group

  • That as part of the broader process, the opportunity to explore equality for Black and minority ethnic groups is taken

  • That Glasgow City Council reserves the right to state a closing date for availability of the Community Budget and associated funds, in the event that unacceptable delays occur

Notes from the Residents Panel meetings will be posted here:

  1. Residents Panel Meeting 1, 2nd July 2019, Pollokshields Burgh Hall

  2. Residents Panel Meeting 2, 30th July 2019, Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

Who’s running ward 6 community choices?

Glasgow City Council is funding Ward 6 Community Choices, and has asked CRER to coordinate it. CRER is a race equality organisation with years of experience in making sure communities and individuals can influence the things that matter to them.

They are supporting the Residents Panel to come together and make decisions, for example:

  • Running meetings for the Residents Panel, taking a record of the decisions it makes and helping pull these decisions together into the final process

  • Identifying what information, training etc. the Residents Panel want in order to work together effectively, and helping them to access it

  • Publicising the funding application process, taking in applications and supporting organisations who want to apply

  • Supporting the Residents Panel to assess/shortlist the applications

  • Arranging one or more events (if the Residents Panel want this) where organisations can put forward their applications and decisions can be made

  • Writing up reports on how community budgeting has worked in Ward 6

CRER has been asked to coordinate this work in Ward 6 because of its experience in race equality work. As well as supporting the Residents Panel, CRER will be trying to find out how well the community budgeting process works for minority ethnic led organisations locally, and particularly in terms of tackling poverty and inequality. This will lead to a report about how community budgeting can best meet the needs of minority ethnic communities in Glasgow. Each of the areas currently doing community budgeting in Glasgow have a similar focus on finding out what works for particular groups of people:

·         Ward 9 (Calton) – Child poverty

·         Ward 16 (Canal) – Income and employment deprivation

·         Ward 3 (Greater Pollok) – Young people

where’s the money coming from?

The funding available through Ward 6 Community Choices comes from Glasgow City Council. It’s separate from other sources of funding available to local groups, like the Integrated Grants Fund or Area Partnership Funding.