live or work in ward 6?

Get Involved

Ward 6 Community Choices needs you to help decide what should be funded in your area!

There are three ways to get involved, so no matter how much time you have to spare, there’s a way you can take part.

  • Join the Residents Panel

  • Apply for funding

  • Vote for projects to receive funding

Right now, we’re looking for people to join the Residents Panel which will design the funding process. This is a great opportunity to shape what happens throughout the project, meet new people and learn new skills.

Along with the other Residents Panel members, you’ll get to decide how much work is involved. So don’t worry if you feel you’re short on time! More explanation of the Residents Panel’s role can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you’re more interested in applying for funding or helping to decide how the funding is awarded, you can let us know you’re interested now and we’ll contact you with more information.

To get involved in any way that suits you, click the link below and sign up to let us know.

You can also email us at, or call CRER on 0141 418 6530. We’re not always in the office, so emails will usually get a faster response - if you call, you might have to wait a while for us to get back to you.

Don’t forget to give your name and say which part of the project you’re interested in - joining the Residents Panel, applying for funding or taking part in the voting process to award the funding.


What’s the Residents Panel’s role?

The Residents Panel will design the Ward 6 Community Choices process, for example:

  • Setting criteria for what type of projects the money could be spent on

  • Creating a funding application process for organisations who want to apply for money

  • Designing a voting process for local people to decide which of these applications should receive money

The Residents Panel will have a lot of freedom and flexibility in how they do this. As the funders of Ward 6 Community Choices, Glasgow City Council have only a small number of requirements:

  • That the process is carried out in a lawful and valid way

  • That the process is fair and transparent

  • That organisations/individuals involved in decision making can demonstrate a link to Ward 6

  • That applicants for funds from the Community Budget must either be a constituted group, or be hosted by a constituted group

  • That as part of the broader process, the opportunity to explore equality for Black and minority ethnic groups is taken

  • That Glasgow City Council reserves the right to state a closing date for availability of the Community Budget and associated funds, in the event that unacceptable delays occur

Don’t worry if some of these requirements sound a bit technical. Residents Panel members will get all the support they need to understand the background and work together effectively.

The Residents Panel will also need to make sure the process they design fits the budget available for running this Ward 6 Community Choices round. CRER will make sure they have all of the information they need to do this, and to meet the other requirements set out above.