Apply for Funding

Ward 6 is one of four areas receiving £200,000 of funding for local community budgeting work, funded by Glasgow City Council. The funding is being distributed through Ward 6 Community Choices.

Who can apply?

Organisations can apply by making a proposal using the application pack below.

Organisations making a proposal must…

  • Have a written constitution

  • Have an organisational bank account

    • Funding cannot be paid into a personal bank account under any circumstances

  • Be a community group, charity or social enterprise

  • Be based within Ward 6

Partnership applications are welcome, so if you can’t meet these criteria, you can still take part by partnering up with an organisation who does qualify. If you need help to find a partner, please get in touch with us at We’re happy to share your ideas with organisations who might want to work with you. Ideas will be shared on our partnership working page, and through Facebook and Twitter.

The guidance below explains how to apply in more detail.

how do we apply?

To apply for funding, start by looking through the application pack below. It’s especially important to read the guidance. This will explain more about how to make the application and how to answer the questions on the proposal form.

The Ward 6 Community Choices Residents Panel want to share information to inspire ideas for proposals. The two information documents in the application pack below are a summary of local survey results and some facts and figures about Ward 6. These should help you to create a proposal that will meet local needs well.

Before you apply, your organisation needs to agree what proposal(s) it wants to put forward and nominate someone to lead the funding application. That person should complete the proposal form and send it in to along with a copy of your constitution by the closing date (12.00 midnight on Thursday 26th September).

application pack

(Files download as Word documents and may not open automatically - you should find them in your downloads file)


What are the issues in Ward 6?

Ward 6 Facts and Figures

Proposal Form

what happens next?

After the closing date, the Ward 6 Community Choices Residents Panel will shortlist applications. If successfully shortlisted, your proposal will go forward to a public vote to decide whether the funding should be awarded. Full information on the funding process is available in the guidance above.

If you’ve read the guidance but there’s still something you need to know, please contact Carol Young at CRER. Carol coordinates Ward 6 Community Choices on behalf of the Residents Panel.


Tel: 0141 418 6530 (you may have to wait for a call back).

We can provide support to understand the application form and process. In the interests of fairness to other applicants, we can’t complete your application for you or give detailed advice on how to succeed with your application.